Non Woven Tote Bags

For Grocery stores and Gift Shops, Wine totes for wineries, Lunch Bag Totes for Juice Stores & Wineries, Breweries, etc., Growler Totes for Breweries

Specializing in Food Carry Out Bags

Natural Kraft & White Kraft Paper Shopping Bags, Superwave, T-Shirt & Tote, Ameritote & the newer style: Big Top Wave

Welcome to our Bag Section


Stixon can provide you with several different styles and types of bags for your Packaging & Advertising needs! We can help you design your printed bags.

2017 - New Product: sealtogo bags

For Restaurants participating with: UberEATS, Grubhub, DoorDash, etc. Tamper Evident to discourage pilferage and contamination, 3 prong protection system – Custom Printing offers Brand Protection & Marketing – Minimum order is 50M. Stock bags are available as well.


Other Printed Items we can help you with:

Duffle Bags & Cynch Backpacks for Schools.

Coffee Chip, Tortilla, Bagel, Popcorn, Bread, etc.
Paper or Plastic Bags for Trade shows, gift shops, spas, & golf courses, etc.

•   Clear PET Cups for Breweries, Fiestas, etc.
•   5M minimum
•   Print up to 4 colors
•   Styrofoam Cups
•   5M minimum
•   Print up to 4 colors

•   Napkins
•   Beverage, Dinner 1/8 fold, Dinner ¼ fold and Dispenser Napkins              
•   1ply, 2 ply, 3 ply and the Airlaid Linen materials
•   White, black and misc. colors are available
•   30M minimum
•   Print up to 4 colors

About Company

Our credentials date back to 1955, when our founder began designing and selling labels. In 1961, flexible packaging was added to the product line. New Mexico Plastics formed in 1985, and Stixon Labels was created and joined with N.M.P. in 1991.




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Some recent bag projects
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